South Wales Trunk Road Agent

Our Roles and Responsibilities

Our Roles and Responsibilities

Managed by South Wales Trunk Road Agent, Traffic Officers present the public face of the Welsh Government on the highway, responding to incidents on the Welsh network with the aim of cutting response times and hence reducing the impact of congestion on the network. The Traffic Officer's primary role will be to make the area safe before assessing any secondary response requirements and briefing the emergency services where necessary.

*With the powers to stop traffic and close roads, lanes and carriageways, direct and divert traffic and pedestrians, place traffic signs and remove abandoned or broken down vehicles Traffic Officers will play an essential role in the safety of Welsh roads.

Like their counterparts in the Highways Agency, Traffic Officers in South Wales will be charged with promoting and building good working relationships with all key stakeholders to ensure common goals associated with reducing incident-related congestion are achieved.

They will also be expected to assist in identifying where the road infrastructure, including surface and signage, might be enhanced or repaired, where necessary, to improve the safety of road users, and forward such intelligence promptly and accurately to the relevant contacts.