South Wales Trunk Road Agent

Routine maintenance

How We Undertake Routine Maintenance

The strategy for Routine maintenance operations is to ensure that Network Safety and Network Serviceability & Network Sustainability objectives are achieved. These objectives are:

Network Safety

  • Complying with statutory obligations
  • Meetings users need for safety

Network Serviceability

  • Ensuring network availability
  • Achieving integrity
  • Maintaining reliability
  • Enhancing condition

Network Sustainability

  • Minimise the need for more expensive maintenance at a later date

The types of activities to undertaken to assist in delivering the objectives of the network are:

  • Emergency repairs to the asset after incidents and accidents
  • Keeping signs & road markings in good condition
  • Maintaining boundary and safety fences
  • Clearance and maintenance of drainage systems
  • Clearance of litter and sweeping of the carriageway (motorway only - other roads are the responsibility of the local authorities)
  • Cutting grass and vegetation at junctions and within the central reservation to improve visibility
  • Maintaining traffic signals, street lighting
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning of the Brynglas and Gibraltar tunnels