South Wales Trunk Road Agent

Area Operations

Area Operations

South Wales Trunk Road Agent has Area Teams based at offices in Newport (East Area) and St Clears (West Area).

The Area Teams are responsible for the implementation and annual delivery of routine and cyclic maintenance programmes through Service Level Agreements with the Agency's Service Providers.

The other primary requirement of the Area teams is to deliver its delegated functions on behalf of the Welsh Government to undertake the requirements of the Highways Act 1980 & New Roads and Street Works Act in relation to coordination, agreement and enforcement of highway related issues.

The Teams also deal with enquiries and complaints received by the Customer Care team and provide communication and liaison with all key stakeholders within the Area to ensure the asset is kept in a safe and serviceable condition.

The Area Team also monitor operations within their area and make recommendations for improvements and maintenance to forward to the Welsh Assembly. The teams are responsible for undertaking the following:

  • Management of Routine & Cyclic Maintenance of Highways & Structures
  • Network Custodian Function
  • Response to emergencies
  • Development Control
  • Winter Maintenance supervision