South Wales Trunk Road Agent

Electrical Assets

Electrical Assets

The electrical assets include

  • street lighting
  • traffic signals and
  • lighting units for traffic signs.

The Asset Condition Team manages the electrical assets with the assistance of the Mayise computerised management system.

The inspection of street lighting includes night patrols to identify lamps which are out or obscured by trees, structural testing and electrical testing.

*Areas identified for improvement or renewals are included in the programme for future works and bids for funding submitted accordingly.

To minimise the number of lamp failures a block change is carried out at a frequency determined by the life expectancy of the lamps used.

This may be annual, or every two or three years. In addition, the fittings are cleaned on an annual basis.

The traffic signal equipment used on the network is expected to operate without regular routine adjustments. Inspections are carried out to identify defects which may lead to failure at a later date. The use of LED heads instead of conventional bulbs has removed the need for annual bulb changes.

Most of the signal installations are now equipped with remote monitoring facilities enabling faults to be detected without the need to visit the site. It is still important for the team to ensure that adequate out of hours response is provided to attend to failure of the signals or collision damage.