South Wales Trunk Road Agent

Structure Assets

Structures Assets

The Assembly’s structural assets include the following types of structure:

  • Bridges
  • Concrete culverts
  • Corrugated metal culverts
  • Pedestrian or cattle underpasses
  • Retaining walls
  • Sign gantries and High masts for lighting or cameras.

Accurate records of structures is an important means of managing the programmed inspections and identifying works required or previously carried out.

Llandeilo BridgeThe Asset Condition Team is responsible for establishing and maintaining a programme of inspection of all structures to ensure the safety of road users and to identify works which are necessary to maintain the structures in a serviceable condition.

Types of inspections carried out include

  • general inspections
  • principal inspections
  • superficial inspections
  • special inspections and
  • underwater inspections.

Inspection GantryThe reports are analysed to assess the defects identified. Remedial works of a routine nature are added to a programme or designs procured for larger scale repairs or improvements.

The team is responsible for ensuring that all works proposed or carried out provide value for money in terms of whole life cost.