South Wales Trunk Road Agent

Highway Assets

Maintaining the Highway Assets

The Assembly’s highway network is surveyed and inspected on a systematic and regular basis to ensure the safety of road users and to assist in the forward planning of maintenance works. This includes;

  • Annual surveys identifying defects
  • Skid resistance testing
  • Structural condition of the highway

This enables maintenance and improvement works to target those areas which are in the worst condition and ensure that the type and extent of the works provide value for money.

*Safety inspections and safety patrols are carried out at intervals ranging from daily to monthly depending on the road category.

These inspections are intended to identify defects which are likely to create a danger and require urgent or immediate attention.

Detailed inspections are carried out at less frequent intervals than safety inspections and are used to establish programmes of routine maintenance tasks which are not of an urgent nature.

The data collected is analysed and used in the identification and prioritisation of the programme of renewal and upgrade schemes.