South Wales Trunk Road Agent

Managing The business

The Business Management Section provides essential support functions to the whole Agency operations and is key in maintaining all aspects of service delivery.

The Business Management Section is responsible for the business related functions of:

Financial Management

The Finance section monitors financial control and management aspects of the Agency. To enable this, the section is responsible for the payment of Agency creditors, the provision of budgetary information and the completion of short, medium and long term cash and resource forecasts. The Financial year runs from April to March each year.

Third Party Claims By Welsh Ministers

The Third Party Claims team manage the process of recovering claims for third party damage to Assembly property for SWTRA and collate information and co-ordinate the management of the process of defending claims against the Assembly.

The Welsh Ministers are the highway authority for all trunk roads and motorways in Wales. In addition the Welsh Ministers are the owner of assets such as structures, land and property.

The Welsh Ministers have a statutory duty to maintain the highway and its assets and will seek to recover costs for any damage to its roads, motorways and assets from the third party deemed liable.

The Welsh Government will investigate all claims of damage and will be the data controller for the personal data received. It is necessary for us to collect this information in order for us to comply with our legal obligations in investigating and administering our claim, being the Highways Act 1980 and the Government of Wales Act 2006 respectively.

As part of our investigation we may need to request and share information with the following parties;


  • The Police
  • The Fire & Rescue Service
  • The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
  • Your Solicitor/Our Solicitor
  • Your Agent/Our Agent
  • Your Insurers/loss adjusters
  • The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB)



Should you have any queries regarding this privacy statement please contact;

Business Planning

Business planning includes the production of an Annual Operational Business Plan which illustrates how targets and objectives are to be achieved in accordance with the 10 year Strategic Business Plan focused to delivering The Welsh Government's requirements. Production of these plans formalises direction and identifies responsibilities and risk as well as being an effective tool for demonstrating to staff how their area of work contributes to the delivery of Agency functions.

Performance Management

The Business team are responsible for the Performance Management Framework which was developed to address performance and service delivery requirements of the Contractual agreement with The Welsh Government. Through the use of quantifiable performance indicators and documented targets the framework aims to: establish a link between SWTRA activities and The Assembly's strategic Objectives, provide an outcome focus supporting end to end processes, capture the whole of the agency as oppose to just a cross section of the business and give clarity to team members on how their role contributes to the bigger picture.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Co-ordinator provides advice and guidance to the managers and staff of the agency on all Health and Safety issues relating to the management and operation of the South Wales Trunk Road Agent.

This includes preparing, updating and monitoring the health and safety information contained in the SWTRA Integrated Management System to meet the requirements of the British Standard for the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, together with monitoring and auditing the health and safety performance of the Trunk Road Agency.

The Health & Safety Co-ordinator also prepares policies and procedures as necessary, investigates accidents and prepares reports in respect of Health and Safety issues.

Customer Services

The Customer Services team provide a central point of contact between the general public and the Trunk Road Agency staff on all enquiries relating to the management and operation of the South Wales Trunk Road and Maintenance Network.

ICT Management

Trunk road agent staff relies on modern computing, communication and network technologies to help plan and manage services. The ICT service provides advice, guidance and support so staff can exploit technology

Office Management

Office Management provides supporting functions to all SWTRA staff.

Management Systems

The Business Management Section is responsible for the development and maintenance of an Integrated Management System certified by an external third party registered United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) approved verification body.

As required by government policy and guidance, highways design and construction compliance documentation, detailed on the Welsh Government and UK Standards for Highways websites, the Agency has certified Quality Management Systems to ISO 9001:2015 and National Highway Sector Schemes (as required). Environmental Management Systems are certified to ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems have been implemented to ISO 45001:2018.  (SWTRA are scheduled to transition from a certified BS OHSAS 18001:2007 system to ISO 45001:2018 in November 2018.)

Certification in these key system areas is essential and will form the basis of the SWTRA operational guidelines for consistent working across the organisation. Our scope of certification is The Management of the Trunk Road Agent in South Wales.